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Frequently Ask Questions:

Yes. You can search and download vectors and images without registering on our site. The image you download will have a watermark on them. But to save images to your Inbox for later access, you’ll need to Login or Register.

To view in-depth information about an image, go to the Image Details page by clicking any thumbnail image on the Search Results page or in your Inbox. The Image Details page provides complete information about an image, such as keywords associated with that image, file sizes and additional information.

You can search using the Image ID that appears in the Image Details page or below the thumbnail images displayed on the Search Results page. Just enter this Image ID in the Search box and press ‘Search’ button.

Yes, you need to register. Click here for detailed registration information. If you are not yet registered, you will be prompted to complete your mailing and billing profile as part of the image purchasing process.

We use the latest encryption technology to help ensure that your information is kept safe while in transit. You can read about security in our Privacy Policy . ImagesnFrames is a secure e-commerce site. Your payment information will be routed, processed and secured through PayU (Give Your On Details) the payment gateway provided by ICICI Bank.

You can find the details of our Help – Pricing section.
When you’re ready to purchase the image:
On your Search Results page or the Image Details page, click the ‘shopping cart’ icon underneath the thumbnail to add the image to your order.
Select the Non-Exclusive Price depending upon your requirement by checking the Radio button on the left. And click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button.
You have the option to ‘Checkout’ OR ‘Continue Shopping’ at this stage.
To make payment, you will get these options :

  • Pay using Credit Card/Debit Card
  • Pay using Wallet
  • Pay using Net Banking
  • Pay using UPI
  • Pay using Google Pay

The file you download will be smaller than the file you purchased! Files are compressed for quick and easy download. As is standard practice in the industry, we provide you with “JPEG” files (identifiable by the “.jpg” extension added to the file name), which by definition are compressed to facilitate transmission and therefore are not as large as the original file. When you load the file into a photo editor such as PhotoShop, it will automatically expand to full size.

To print an Invoice for any past sales order, roll over ‘My Account’ in the top navigation bar. Then click the Order Reference number of the previous orders you’d like to print. When the order pops up, use your browser’s ‘Print’ icon to print out the screen.

As a general rule of thumb, our images can safely be enlarged to 125% of their original image size without affecting the quality – our images are regularly used on billboards. Since it’s critical that you know what resolution you need for the output device, we recommend that you consult directly with your printer or service bureau to find out the specific capabilities of the device that will be used. And, of course, you can always Contact Us for more details.

Reviewing and editing your account information is simple. First, log into your ImagesnFrames account with your email/username and password and navigate to the Account Details page by clicking on the icon in the top right corner of the navigation bar. You’ll see several categories in the menu on the left side of the page:

  • Profile: change account details, such as password and contact info and set your email communication and display preferences.
  • Team: see and invite users to your team (available only to subscribers of select products)
  • Plans: view your plans, turn on/off auto renewal, and view your plan expiration date and remaining downloads
  • Billing: update your credit card on file (if applicable) and billing address. Information entered in this section will appear on your receipts.
  • Purchase history: view a record of your purchases (includes receipts/invoices)
  • Developers: create and manage your API connections. 

If your service did not renew due to an issue with your credit card, please update your card again – even if the actual card details did not change. This will allow the system to attempt to bill the card again.

If your credit card is declined repeatedly, please contact your credit card institution for more information.

Receipts for all purchases are stored in your ImagesnFrames account. Navigate to your Purchase History, where you’ll see a line item for each purchase made. In the right-hand column, you’ll see the receipt number. Click this to open a new tab and view the receipt. Included will be the following information: 

  • Billing address
  • GST number if applicable
  • Product purchased
  • Price with a separate line item for tax
  • ImagesnFrames contact info, and
  • The terms of your purchase. 

Your receipt also works as a credit note if there was a refund credited to your account.

To Print or Save a Receipt PDF

To print a receipt, simply choose Print from your browser’s file menu. To save a PDF version, after clicking Print, you should see an option to save or open the receipt as a PDF. The exact process will vary slightly by browser.

ImagesnFrames is required to collect tax on all sales where applicable.

Tax will be collected based on your country’s rate as determined by the bank identification number associated with the issuing bank of your credit card, in combination with your billing address on file. If you are a business, it is important to always provide your tax ID number so you can be exempt from Goods and Services Tax (GST). If you are tax exempt based on your organization, please contact our support team, we’ll be happy to assist you.

Forgot password

ImagesnFrames makes it easy for you to get back into your account quickly and securely. First, click the Log in button on the top right of the home page. Then, you will be able to click Forgot your password? and enter the email you use for ImagesnFrames. A password reset email will be sent to you instantly. Be sure to check your spam box if an email does not appear in your regular Inbox.

Forgot email 

We will let you know if the email address you entered is not in our system, and prompt you to try another email address. Once you enter the correct email associated with your ImagesnFrames account, you’ll be able to request a password reset link.

If you are unable to identify which email address you used, please contact us and we will be happy to help you regain access, provided you can verify key details in the account. If you know your ImagesnFrames username, or have received a recent charge, this information can help us assist you quicker in regaining access to your account.

Logged in, but forgot password

You can update your password from your Profile in your account details. If you are logged in but do not remember your current password, just log out and use the Forgot your Password? link to get a password reset email.

Reset Your Password
If you’re having trouble accessing your account, you may need to reset your password. You’ll need to enter the email address associated with your ImagesnFrames account. A link will be sent to that email address to a page where you can reset your password. An email confirmation that includes your login information will confirm that you have chosen a new password.

Ensure Cookies are Turned On
If you have entered your login credentials correctly and still can’t log in, your internet browser may not be set to accept cookies. You can log in only if your browser is set to accept cookies.

Here’s how you can change your browser’s cookie settings:

  • Chrome: Turn cookies on under Settings>Show advanced settings>Privacy>Content settings. Make sure that “Allow local data to be set (recommended)” is selected. Click “Done.”
  • Firefox: Turn cookies on under Tools >Options >Privacy >Use custom settings for history >Accept cookies from sites. Click on “Exceptions,” enter ImagesnFrames.com and click on “Allow.”
  • Internet Explorer: Tools >Internet Options >Privacy >Sites >Enter ImagesnFrames.com and click on “Allow” and “OK.”
  • Safari: Choose “Preferences” in the toolbar >Click on the “Security” icon >Under “Accept Cookies” choose the “Always” or “Only from sites you navigate to” must be selected >Close window.

To make sure you get the best browsing performance on ImagesnFrames, we recommend downloading the latest version of your favorite browser.

If you still can’t log in, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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